Jessica von Bredow-Werndl (Double Olympic Gold Medallist 2021, Dressage):

Being able to compete in Aachen at the FEI World Championships that would be absolutely awesome! I watched the 2006 FEI World Equestrian Games on the television and it gave me the goosebumps.

Martin Fuchs (European Champion 2019, Show Jumping):

The World Championships in Aachen would be an absolute highlight in my career. Aachen is the most prestigious show we have. It was where I had the honour of riding at my first elite championships with Clooney and being able to return to the holy grass for a World Championships would really be a highlight.

Lambert Leclezio (Double World Champion 2022, Vaulting):

It is simply magnificent for the vaulting sport that the 2026 World Championships are being staged in Aachen. There is always huge media attention for our sport there and the organisation is simply fantastic. That is why I had kept my fingers crossed.

Julia Krajewski (Olympic Gold Medallist 2021, Eventing):

A World Championships in Aachen and what’s more with all of the disciplines, what an absolute highlight! I can remember watching the cross as a spectator during the World Championships in 2006, at the time I was still a Junior, and how astounded I was watching the riders and obstacles. Competing there 20 years later would really be something special.

Marcus Ehning (Team World Champion 2010, Show Jumping):

“Riding at a World Championships in Aachen is a dream for every rider. I hope that these World Championships in Germany have a positive effect and that we can all demonstrate how wonderful the equestrian sport is.”

Kai Vorberg (German Coach Vaulting and World Champion in Aachen in 2006)

“Aachen is always a special experience as it is. But when the World Championships are staged there, one really can say that a bit of history is written there too. That definitely applies for me personally. I took part in my very first Championships in Aachen in 1997 and won silver. In 2006, I had the honour of winning the World Championships title in the individual men’s competition in Aachen. For me a circle closes every time in Aachen – especially being on board again in 2026 in a different function, I will be able to experience it as a trainer this time. These World Championships can’t be esteemed highly enough in terms of their significance for the equestrian sport as a whole and are a further milestone for the discipline.”

Charlotte Fry (Double World Champion 2022, Dressage):

As leading Wold champion with Glamourdale it is amazing to have the next World Championships at one of the best venues of the World in Aachen 2026.

Silke Fütterer-Sommer (German Coach Para Dressage):

The FEI World Championships in our own country and then on top of that in Aachen is really the absolute dream. I am very happy that our para-riders will be able to immerse themselves in this unique atmosphere for the first time, which can only be found in Aachen worldwide. The anticipation is already huge.


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