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From August 11th-23rd, 2026 the world of the equestrian sport is returning to the place where it experienced the best ever Championships in its history, the 2006 FEI World Equestrian Games. Unforgettable moments. World-class performances, which wrote sporting history. Crowned by a euphoric atmosphere in the sold-out stadiums and throughout the whole city. These were the ingredients for a major event that is etched into people’s memories.

20 years after this superlative event Aachen is going to stage a World Championships once again. In the scope of the FEI World Championships Aachen 2026, the athletes will once again be battling it out for gold, silver and bronze at the traditional showgrounds in front of the gates of the imperial city. The best horses, the best riders, the best sport in the most spectacular atmosphere. That is the promise. A promise that applies for no less than six disciplines. Directly united in one central location

Aachen has a magical attraction. This is equally true for both the spectators and the athletes. And there is a simple explanation: Aachen is Aachen! One has to say no more to describe the advantages of the Aachen Soers. That is at least the unanimous opinion of all the participants, of the officials and journalists as well as that of the guests from all over the globe. The secret lies in the combination of various factors: A unique tradition, an experience that is based on successful continuity and precisely that unmistakable atmosphere that is only present in Aachen. As such, Aachen offers the equestrian sport the perfect stage. The stage it deserves. Aachen is ready to bestow further exceptional, special, unforgettable moments upon the equestrian sport, as it did in August 2006. Aachen is ready for the FEI World Championships Aachen 2026.